We take privacy seriously, so our privacy policy below will outline what type of information is collected when you visit our website and how it is used.

Statistical Information

This website, like most websites, collects statistical information such as pages visitors viewed, type of browser you are using, how long our visitors stay, how you found our site, and other type of information. All of this information is not personally identifying and it helps us to improve our website to make it easier for our website visitors to find and use this site.

RSS Feeds and Email Subscriptions

Our site provides an RSS Feed so you can stay updated of the latest information we post to our website. If you choose to have these updates sent to you by email, you will only receive these updates by email and we will not send you anything else without your consent first. Your email address is never shared with another party.

Cookies and Third Party Advertisers

This website may display advertisements from third party vendors. We are not responsible for the content or advertisements provided by these third party vendors. Some of our third party vendors may use cookies to track the effectiveness of their ads or to better target the ad selection to our website visitors. For example, Google, a third party vendor, uses the Double Dart Cookie system. You can opt out of these cookies by visiting here and managing your ad preferences. If you are concerned about the cookies from third party advertisers, we suggest visiting their homepage and viewing their privacy policy. You can also disable cookies in most web browsers.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, feel free to Contact Us.